Message from the President & Chair

Welcome to Warwickshire ASA!

Thank you for visiting the Warwickshire Amateur Swimming Association (WASA) website. You may be here for all kinds of reasons: perhaps to find out more about us, or to see what our member clubs are up to. Whatever the reason for your visit, you are very welcome to explore our website, which is currently under additional development.

As a ‘county association’, WASA is a friendly, supportive and voluntary group of swimming clubs based in the historic county of Warwickshire, which includes Birmingham and Coventry. We exist solely to promote the roles and activities of aquatic sport, including Artistic Swimming (formerly known as Synchro), Masters Swimming (over 25s), Open Water Swimming and Water Polo, as well as the main activity of Speed Swimming . To date, diving has not featured prominently in our activities at WASA, but we hope that this will undergo a positive change in the near-future!

ContactWe hope that you’ll find what you need within this website. If not, then please use the contact form to make an enquiry or request. Our committee is comprised entirely of volunteers, so please be patient when waiting for a response – we promise to be as quick as we can.

VolunteersSpeaking of volunteers… WASA can only survive if we have a team of volunteers to undertake our various responsibilities. If you are a member of a Warwickshire-based swimming club, then perhaps consider asking yourself what you might be able to do to support or work with WASA. We’re always looking out for helping hands and people who can help us shape the future of aquatic sport in Warwickshire! You don’t even need to be a swimmer yourself – a simple interest in helping us promote health, fitness and life-saving activity to our local community is all that’s required.

So, welcome to WASA; we’re very glad to have you with us!

Derrick Dyas