Volunteer Of The Year

The Volunteer of the Year shall hold the Eddie Blight Memorial Cup for a period of one year subject to the Association’s conditions.

The following criteria will be used to select the Warwickshire Volunteer of the Year.

  1. The cup shall be awarded to the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ in recognition of their commitment, achievement and application of skills to the benefit of swimming disciplines within the remit of Warwickshire ASA. The ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award shall rank as equal in stature to the Warwickshire ASA Swimmer of the Year Award.

  2. Nominations for the award may be made by any individual, group, club or organisation that is/are members of Warwickshire ASA or closely associated with Warwickshire ASA. The nominations must be received no later than 2400hrs on the 31st December each year.

  3. Nominations shall be in the form of a citation setting out the reasons why the nominee should be considered for this award, together with a resume of their commitment as a volunteer. The format is not prescribed but should be such that the panel of judges are able to fully understand the nominee’s achievements in both quality and quantity. The nomination should be confined to one A4 page (approximately 400 words).

  4. Nominations shall be submitted electronically to the designated mailbox. (This is for the convenience of the judging panel.) Clarification of statements may be sought by the judging panel, but this will not be an opportunity to submit additional material evidence.

  5. Nominations may come from any aquatic discipline. The less popular disciplines are specifically recommended to put forward nominees for recognition because even if the input by a volunteer is seen by few people; it may be of a very high standard and merit recognition.

  6. Nominations should include contact details for the person or organisation submitting the nominations, both email address and preferred phone number and where relevant details of an alternative contact person. This information does not form part of the nomination word limit.

  7. There is no bar on a nomination being a joint submission from more than one person or organisation in co-operation. If this is so then this fact should be made clear. Awardees will not be eligible for re-nomination.

  8. The Chairman shall appoint, in January each year, a panel consisting of the President and two or four other persons on the Executive to consider all nominations submitted by the due date. The name of the recommended nominee shall be presented to the Executive, for their approval, at the February meeting.

  9. Judging will be made on the basis of the ranking of the nominee’s commitment, achievement and application of skills to the benefit of swimming in Warwickshire. It is not a requirement that nominees shall exhibit the same level on all criteria, but based on the marking that overall they meet the criteria that merits the award of ‘Volunteer of the Year’/ in the event of a tie on the marking the award shall be decided by the tossing of a coin. If in the opinion of the panel no nomination is of sufficient standard then the award shall not be made that year.

  10. Presentation of the award - The award shall be presented to the successful nominee at a session of the following Warwickshire Swimming Championships or on a date and at a venue of their choice. The presentation shall include a citation, a copy of which shall be presented to the awardee.

For further information, and completed applications to:

Email: secretary@warwickshireasa.co.uk

Postal address supplied if required

Opening Date: 1st November each year

Closing date for applications: 31st December each year

Previous Winners

2010 Georgina Holtom Swimming City of Coventry
2011 Pat Starmer Swimming City of Coventry
2012 Brian Shermer Learn to Swim Perry Beeches Triple S
2013 John Hughes Swimming City of Coventry
2014 Janet Welsh Swimming Leamington Spa ASC
2015 Kathleen Sheldon Para & Disability Swimming Phoenix SC
2016 Shirley Wigley Swimming Boldmere SC
2017 Richard Brough Waterpolo HGSOB
2018 Brian Rainsford Learn to Swim Kingsbury Aquarius SC
2019 Dana Payne Swimming Leamington Spa ASC
2020 Geoff Fowler Learn to Swim Boldmere SWPC
2021 Not Awarded Pandemic Year ---
2022 Keith Munday  Swimming & Water Polo Boldmere SWPC
2023 Calie Smith Swimming  City of Coventry